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MV Constructions

Improved Methods of Serving You

Process for Quoting Streamlined

We have shortened the deal cycle and made it possible for estimation to execution to go more smoothly. Our expertise and experience will result in more accurate quotes, forecasting, estimation, contract management, and successful project completion for commercial clients. We will also provide exceptional project management with flexible pricing for commercial clients and competitive pricing for public clients.

Enhanced Collaboration, Productivity, and Project Tracking

Our proposals will be tailored to each client’s needs using flexible pricing models, resource-based costing, and multidimensional pricing tools.

We’ve improved internal and external departmental coordination along with project management systems. Task management and scheduling are improved as a result of this collaboration.

On a project-by-project basis, we’ll track planned-to-actual consumption and provide precise labour, expense, and material estimates. Insights that are already incorporated into the system will be used to analyse how each project is trending and to help us make quick decisions for course correction.

We think that by reducing processes, we can create highly productive teams while also streamlining important company operations and enhancing work quality.

Three-Phase Strategy ?

There are three stages for the majority of Project Delivery Methods where you can still count on MV Construction to provide you with high-quality service.

Before construction begins, MV Construction organises the processing of documents including shop drawings, a materials list, and a work plan that are all part of our project submittals. We identify the required inspections for the project and acquire the relevant permissions. Coordination of General Requirements and consideration of logistical difficulties such Temporary Construction Facilities, Fencing, Power, Water, and Sanitation Stations are both parts of our pre-construction process. In order to address any potential problems we uncover, we also write and send the relevant correspondence.

The phase of construction that begins is mobilisation. Prior to the start of construction, standard work phases and milestones are set. During this phase, finishes are installed following the abatement and removal of hazardous materials, demolition, framing, rough MEP systems, fire life, and safety systems.

Routine testing and last-minute cleanup tasks are carried out following the end of the construction phase, which results in the status of Substantial Completion. After Significant Completion, we deliver any spare parts, turn-over items, record drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, chlorination of the drinking plumbing system, and guarantees to the owner’s representative.

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